Mootorsaega võlurid!
Tuesday, 13 Nov 2018
Front Page
 Welcome to our humble homepage.

You will find here some pictures from our work. Some pictures are already over 10 years old, so you may find some difference in quality. Better known places in Estonia where You can see our furniture are:
 Piusa caves in Võru County and Vudila Gamepark in Jõgeva County.

It is nice to know that our work is also valued outside borders of Estonia.

Magicians use STIHL chainsaws and the sculptures get covered with Teknos 

Puukujurid are super happy and thankful, for now we have a large storage-tent, polyurethane foam spray machine and some other very needed woodworking equipment, thanks to: EU, Põllumajanduse Registrite ja Informatsiooni Amet (PRIA), leader Jõgevamaa KoostöökodaNordhall,Mom-Dad, families etc. 
View the embedded image gallery online at: